About Us


  • We enhance the natural areas of early learning and care centres and provide educational programs and other services, based around sustainable plants and gardening.
  • We teach about the importance of water conservation and how certain plants and practices achieve it.
  • We use recycled materials in incursions and garden art installations.
  • We work with each institution to explore both conventional and innovative ideas for them to embed sustainable practices within the centre as well as engaging families and communities in many of the activities.
  • All of our services include elements of professional development for educators as well as scaffolding for further learning opportunities, to provide opportunities of ongoing improvement rather than just one off incursions.


All of our services are designed to help early childhood learning and care centres to exceed their new National Quality Standard 2018 requirements in a number of areas.

Our curriculum is designed to be child-centric, determining what children already know about the subject and building on that knowledge, in a fun, play based manner.  We seek  to maximise each child’s learning by extending the experience into the home, providing support materials including discussion cards to enable parents and carers to have conversations with the children about what they have learnt and done.  The Littlest Leaf respects the diverse home environments of children and prior to any incursion will work with staff to determine any special language requirements or literacy issues regarding  family discussion cards and other support material.

Our Installation Programs enhance centres’ indoor and outdoor natural environments, providing spaces that support exploration and play based learning.  These Programs and our Incursions aid children in becoming more environmentally responsible while embedding sustainability elements into a centre’s daily operations .

We design each of our engagements to demonstrate all three themes of the National Quality Framework required to achieve an Exceeding National Quality Standard 2018 rating:

  • Our total curriculum options, support materials and educator and staff training ensures that quality practices are embedded in your service operations;
  • We work with each centre after every engagement to assess the children’s experience so that our continuous improvement program is informed by critical reflection; and
  • All of our incursions provide materials to meaningfully engage with families and carers.  We also work with you to develop and deepen relationships with nearby gardening suppliers and members of our broad succulent grower network, to support greater engagement with your local community.