The Littlest Leaf team offer a range of consulting services.   We provide a framework for continuous improvement based on critical reflection that ensures best practices are embedded in your centre’s daily operations.  All advice is tailored to the particular needs of individual centres, ensuring that we find the right solutions for you, your families and community.


Rather than one off events, we assist centres to embed sustainability and environmental responsibility practices for the long term.  To achieve this, we include professional development elements for educators in most of our incursions and other services.  This is further supported by educational scaffolding material that enable further education on the themes that we introduce.  As well as custom programs for educators, targeted at the individual needs of particular organisations and centres, we offer a range of standard programs including:

Terrarium Workshop

Educators each build their own terrarium as we discuss issues of sustainability and environmental responsibility.  This hands on interaction with the plants enhances the conversations about the importance of natural areas in the centre and how it impacts the children.  We also focus on the role of environmental responsibility education in a child’s development and how to extend that into the families and broader community.  Taking home the completed terrarium provides an ongoing reminder for educators of what they learned.

Maintenance of Natural Environments

New centres and old often both suffer the same problems.  Their gardens keep dying, spoiling the children’s natural environment elements, even when you employ professional organisations to maintain them.  There are a lot of reasons why, and we can help identify and remediate them.

We conduct an audit of your natural features covering areas such as:

  • Are there sufficient plants in the centre;
  • Are the plants suitable to be around children, in regards to texture and toxicity (you would be surprised);
  • Are the plants suitable for where they are located, in regards to light, exposure and watering; and
  • Is your watering regime suitable for the plants.

We identify problems and assist you in dealing with them and then teach your educators and other staff how to maintain the natural areas, including identifying future issues.  Our objective is to embed systemic processes that share the capability and responsibility for maintenance of natural areas among all staff members, rather than just one or two green thumbs.  

Environmental Responsibility

There are a range of activities that can be implemented within a centre to embed environmentally responsible elements into daily operations.  For example, we show educators how to use recycled materials to create beautiful green spaces in your classrooms and gardens with the help of the children.  We work with staff to identify elements that are suitable to your centre, why they are a benefit and how they can be implemented. We build on this theme to cover how the activities can be extended into the children’s home environment as well as how to engage the community at large.


Unlike some of the larger groups, many organisations and standalone centres are too small to support a dedicated Sustainability Officer.  However, Littlest Leaf can provide ongoing consulting services in this regard to ensure that your centre/s can share the same benefits.  We offer a range of options that enable smaller centres to:

  • Benefit from our knowledge base and professional expertise in the area;
  • Keep up to date with the latest activities and development in sustainability and environmental awareness; 
  • Provide regular horticultural support for maintaining the natural areas of the centre; and
  • Share best practices from the range of other centres in our network. 

All of these activities contribute to a score of Exceeding Requirements in Area 3 of the National Quality Standards 2018, showing how a centre is being proactive at addressing their compliance obligations and are permanently embedding these practices in their daily operations.


Compliance is a complex area.  We are able to assist centres in preparing for an upcoming assessment or to take remedial action from a recent audit to ensure that you maximise the possible outcome, enhancing the services that you provide your students and their families as well as providing a marketing advantage from better assessments.  


Littlest Leaf has a range of turnkey solutions that engage families and communities in environmental awareness solutions, from recycling programs to eco-shops.  Contact us at to find out what solutions might be right for your centre.