Terrarium & Fairy Garden Care Instructions

Caring for your succulents is very important.  Although hardy, there are a few things you ought to know.

In the first week

Do not water your terrarium in the first week.  Place in bright indirect light or direct morning sunlight.
They will wilt a bit as roots are developing.

Ongoing Care

Succulent plants like light.  Keep them in a well lit room or on a window sill for best results.
They do not need a lot of water.  2-3 tablespoons once per week is enough in most cases.  Succulents can recover from not enough water, but not from over-watering.

Care through observation

Are your succulents growing?

Are they losing colour (centre fading white)?  They might need more light.

Do they look dry and wrinkled?  They might need some water?

Are they black, soft or mushy?  They may have been over-watered and not going to make it.  But that’s ok, sometimes plants die.  What did you learn?

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